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Somehow he’s the only actor who managed to pull off the overdramatic villain yell without me snickering quietly into the collar of my shirt.

Possibly there’s just nothing he can do that will compare to the super-hilarious way the guy in the bandage costume is always like… sort of prancing? Like he’s doing a spider impression? It’s really distracting.

But also in that last gif he legit looks like he could unhinge his jaw and actually eat them all and that is terrifying.

The way he goes from his usual (nogitsune) cocky calm confidence and moves quickly through outrage to total intense and unhinged is… kudos Dylan O’Brien. Seriously, his acting is just outrageously good.  (Remembering that he’s ALSO playing Stiles, who is wiped out, drained, scared, scrambling back and still standing up, to HIMSELF.)

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is this breaking bad

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teen wolf problems


season one: accidentally changes eye color on lacrosse field 

season 3b: mass murder in hospital 

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Resisting is worth doing.

Resisting is worth doing.

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Frozen AU where Elsa is replaced with Frozone but absolutely nothing else is changed.



i just laughed so hard i had my first asthma attack in five years

I’m glad your wife got to have her Batman cake.  

I’m glad your wife got to have her Batman cake.  

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@daniel_sharmanYou have been wonderful. So grateful to you all. Hope you’ll stick with the next chapter. Thankyou everyone.

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